Hutt Intermediate School Uniform

Hutt Intermediate School uniform is purchased directly from Argyle Schoolwear through their on-line shop, ArgyleOnLine (AOL). Parents and caregivers will receive detailed information regarding ordering, recommendations of quantities to order and FAQs with their confirmation of enrolment letter which are sen out at the end of Term 3.

Click here for the Argyle Online website

Uniform Item



Retail Price

Girls’ Tartan Skirt


$87.00 each

Boy’s Navy Shorts


$36.00 each

Girls’ and Boys’ Burgundy Polo Shirts


$36.00 each

School Jersey (unisex)


$87.00 each

PE / Sports Shorts (unisex)


$30.00 each

PE / Sports Tops   (unisex)


$36.00 each

Boys’ School Socks

3 pairs

$14 per pair

Girls’ Ankle Cut White Socks     Pack of 3

1-2 packs

$14 per pack

Sports Socks  (unisex)               Pack of 3

1 pack

$14 per pack

School Navy Cap


$9.00 each

If you don't have access to a computer, there will be some printed order forms available from the school office which can be completed and faxed or posted to Argyle. Please note that you are able to request a WINZ quote through the ArgyleOnLine website.

The Hutt Intermediate sports hoodie, beanie, scarf and girl's black tights will continue to be sold through the on-site uniform shop during the school year. 

Click here for information about ordering the Hutt Intermediate hoodie

Footwear: Black leather lace-up school shoes, ankle cut, heel no more than 20mm in height (not sports shoes or sneakers). For Health and Safety reasons, these shoes must be worn in the Technology rooms at all times. Boots, platform shoes and sneakers are not permitted. Plain black sandals may be worn in Terms One and Four. 

Coat/Jacket: It is strongly recommended that students have a waterproof coat/jacket for inclement weather. They can wear plain black trackpants to and from school during the winter terms. Students may also wear their PE Hoodie to and from school ..

Uniform Requirements:

No jewellery may be worn except for one pair of simple ear studs and a simple signet ring. 

All students must have their hair tied back from the face so that vision is not impaired. Extreme hair styles are not permitted and only natural hair colours are acceptable.

It is important that the above uniform is adhered to.

NB: no nail polish or makeup is permitted

Undergarments should not be visible if the uniform is worn correctly

Three requests:

  1. Please ensure all clothing has your child's name clearly marked on it
  2. Please see that your child changes into their ordinary clothes after school as this ensures his/her school uniform remains in good condition for two years. We also insist that students go home first and change before meeting friends after school, eg Queensgate
  3. Please write an note of explanation if for some reason (eg dry cleaning, repairs) your child is unable to wear the correct uniform.

House tee shirts

Students are able to purchase an additional PE top which is in the colour of their house; Bracken - green, Byron - red, Brooke - blue, Burns - white. Click here for the order form. The first round of orders closes 19 February 2016.


Telephone: (04) 939 8800
Fax: (04) 939 8811
Email: secretary@his.school.nz

Absence Line: (04) 570 3101