School Lunches 2018

Hutt Intermediate school offers a full five-day lunch service with a variety of options over the week as follows:

Monday         SUBWAY      Ordered on line directly from Subway 

Tuesday         THAI            Ordered and paid on Tuesday mornings

Wednesday    SUSHI          Sushi Monster through Lunchonline

Thursday        BAKERY      Fix Federation Bakery through Lunchonline

Friday             PITA PIT       Pita Pit, Lower Hutt through Lunchonline

Instructions on how to register with both Subway and Lunchonline are included as separate links on this page.

The Lunchonline menus available from each provider are available to view once you have registered and put credit onto your account.  Please note that all payments for lunch orders (with the exception of Thai on Tuesdays) is done by parents on line at the time of ordering. 

Thai lunches are ordered by filling out a pre-printed envelope with name and lunch selection and putting the money inside.  All options are $5.

All lunches are delivered to school and are collected by students from the Snack Bar at the beginning of lunch time.


Lunchonline Link


Telephone: (04) 939 8800
Fax: (04) 939 8811

Absence Line: (04) 570 3101