Hutt Intermediate School Enrolment


The Board of Trustees and staff of Hutt Intermediate are committed to providing quality education for all children in the school. There is an optimum roll figure which is determined by the physical resources of the school. Above this, the quality of education delivered to the children is diminished. 

The Hutt Intermediate School Home Zone:

Students who permanently reside in the geographic zone designated by the Board of Trustees of Hutt Intermediate School:

'The Northern Boundary of the zone will run from: Farrelly Grove, Summit Road, through and including Tilbury Street and directly crossing Waiwhetu Road (including 337,339 and 241 Waiwhetu Road) to Durham Crescent, Hampton Court, Mitchell Street, across High Street (including 725,727 and 729 High Street) into Military Road, then follow a line directly across the Valley to include Wairere Road.

The Southern Boundary of the zone runs from the intersection of Gracefield Road and the main road to Eastbourne to the Hutt River Estuary and from there to the Rail Bridge at Sladden Park, along Wakefield Street to the Western Hutt Road, turning north until opposite Railway Avenue then following the line of Miro Miro Road the junction with Dowse Drive. The a geographic line to the Belmont Trig Station.

Eastern and Western Boundaries are the ridge line of the hills to the east and west of Lower Hutt.

NB: All residents, both sides of the street, any street whose only exit is onto a street named in the zone as defined above as Priority One, shall be deemed part of the Hutt Intermediate zone.

Home Zone Enrolments

Each year, applications for enrolment in the following year from in-zone students will be sought by a date which will be published in a daily or community newspaper circulating in the area served by the school. This will enable the Board to assess the number of places which can be made available to students who live outside the home zone.

Out of Zone Enrolments

Each year the Board will determine the number of places which are likely to be available in the following year for the enrolment of students who live outside the home zone. The Board will publish this information by notice in a daily or community newspaper circulating in the area served by the school. The notice will indicate how applications are to be made and will specify a date by which all applications must be received.

Applications for enrolment will be processed in the following order of priority:

Home Zone: Students whose family home is within our 'Home Zone'

First Priority: This priority category is not applicable at this school because the school does not run a special programme approved by the Secretary of Education.

Second Priority: Will be given to applicants who are siblings of current students

Third Priority: Will be given to applicants who are siblings of former students

Fourth Priority: Will be given to any applicant who is a child of a former student of the school

Fifth Priority: Will be given to any applicant who is a child of 

Board employees

Sixth Priority: Will be given to all other applicants


If there are more applicants in the second, third, fourth or fifth priority groups than there are places available, selection within the priority group will be by a ballot on Monday, 10 September 2018, conducted in accordance with instructions issued by the Secretary of Education under Section 1 IG (1) of the Education Act 1989. Hutt Intermediate School will advise parents by letter of successful enrolment by Friday 21 September 2018.

Open Night for prospective 2019 Year 7 students is Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Enrolment packs for 2019 will be available from Monday, 2 July 2018

Click here for 2018 Prospectus. 2019 Prospectus available 2 July 2018

Click here for 2018 Enrolment Form. 2019 Enrolment form available 2 July 2018

Enrolments close Friday, 31 August 2018

Ballot held Monday, 10 September 2018

Notifications by Friday, 21 September 2018


Telephone: (04) 939 8800
Fax: (04) 939 8811
Email: secretary@his.school.nz

Absence Line: (04) 570 3101