Specialist Classes

All students take part in Specialist classes during their two years at Hutt Intermediate. Each year students have 10 sessions in each Specialist class. There are also options for extension programmes. Our Specialist subjects are:

Performing Arts

Visual Art

Textile Art


Hard Materials


What is Technology?

Technology is the use of practical and intellectual resources to develop products and systems. Almost every aspect of our daily life - food, fashion, construction, health care, transport, communications, entertainment, and our environment uses technology.

Why study Technology?

Students learn practical skills as they develop models, products and systems. They learn skills that can effect changes in their  own lives and community, and perhaps nationally or globally.

How is Technology structured?

The learning area comprises three strands, which are taught through the subject areas of ICT, Hard Materials, Food and Soft Materials.

Technological Practice

Students examine the practice of others and undertake their own. They develop a range of outcomes, including concepts, plans, briefs, technological models, and fully realised products or systems.

Technological Knowledge

Students develop knowledge particular to technological enterprises and environments, and understanding of how and why things work. 

Nature of Technology

Students investigate technology and its impact on society.


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