Learning At Home

As a part of our 2018 revisioning process we reviewed the purpose of homework and our practices. We analysed current research and consulted students, staff and our wider school community. It became evident that change was needed in order to reflect current understandings about learning and provide student choice, challenge and flexibility.


At Hutt Intermediate we recommend and encourage every student to develop and maintain a daily reading habit and that at home, you have open discussions and share texts being read. Learning and practising basic facts is helpful and all students are given access to the IXL website where they can practise Mathematics and English skills. There may also be times when the class teacher will set specific tasks to be completed at home.


We have developed optional homework activities in the form of “Learning Challenges”. These challenges will provide many worthwhile learning opportunities for your child to experience in and outside of school. They will give your child the direction to learn new and exciting things whilst also pursuing interests and skills they are already passionate about.

We will introduce these new challenges in 2019.


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